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AlphaTapp™ – The Revolutionary New Method of Silent Communication!

AlphaTapp™  is an easy communication method that takes only a few minutes to learn.  All it requires is the five fingers of one hand and a surface to tap.  AlphaTapp™  can be used with either the right or the left hand.  Starting with the thumb as A/1 and moving outward, different combinations of finger taps will communicate your message silently.  A hand swipe denotes a space.  A closed fist ends a sentence or denotes a decimal point.

AlphaTapp™  is a method than can be learned in about 10 minutes.  It is not a “secret” code, as, similar to American Sign Language, anyone watching and knowing the symbols can read it.  It is a method for subtle or silent communication in these very noisy times.  It is intuitive.  The letter representations follow a logical sequence, and some combinations look like the letters they represent.

Follow the links on the left to learn how to use AlphaTapp™.

Download and print the wallet card (373kb).
Print, fold in half down the long axis, and cut the cards for a pocket-sized alpha and numeric reference. Share the remaining cards with your friends.